Welcome to PRSE

The Purpose of this Society is to provide God-centered education for those who cannot at the present time receive instruction in our present schools because of mental and/or physical handicaps.

Welcome to Protestant Reformed Special Education


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This society is based on the following principles:

  • The Bible is the infallibly inspired, written word of God, the doctrine of which is contained in the three forms of unity and as such forms the basis for administration, instruction, and discipline in the school.

  • Our sovereign, triune, covenant God has from eternity chosen, and in time, forms a people unto Himself that they may stand in covenant relation to Him, and live to His praise in fellowship and loving service in all spheres of life, in the midst of a sinful world.

  • The training of the covenant child in the school as well as in the home and in the church must serve to prepare them to follow their lifelong calling to reveal the glory of their God in a life lived from the principle of regeneration by faith.

  • In His infinite wisdom God has given to some covenant parents, children who are mentally and/or physically handicapped. They too must receive covenant instruction according to their ability. This instruction is the solemn responsibility of all God’s people.

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